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Washington's Law. Spam — we’ve all heard of it, and most of us have received it. Although not all spam is illegal, almost all of it is a nuisance. Consumers and the Attorney General can use this law to stop unwanted spam. Washington's anti-spam law makes it illegal in Washington to send an unsolicited commercial email IF the email is sent:

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Civil rights laws and enforcement Washington State

(6 days ago) Civil rights laws and enforcement. Everyone in Washington has civil rights. There are federal, state, and local laws that protect our rights to fair treatment, including in employment, housing, education, voting, insurance, credit, and public accommodations. This page provides links to some of the primary civil rights laws and enforcement agencies.

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Washington laws and enforcement agencies Washington State

(3 days ago) Washington Law Against Discrimination: The Washington Law Against Discrimination covers employment, housing and other real estate transactions, credit transactions, insurance transactions, and public accommodations like schools, government offices, and businesses that are open to the public. The list of protected groups varies depending on the activity involved.

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Statutes Washington State

(1 days ago) The law also places limited liability under certain circumstances on companies that contract with these manufacturers to make the products, except where certain conditions apply or where certain supply chain practices have been implemented regarding the use of information technology.

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Local laws and enforcement agencies Washington State

(8 days ago) Local laws and enforcement agencies. Some local counties and cities in Washington have their own laws that provide additional civil rights protections within the jurisdiction. City of Seattle: Title 14 of the Seattle Municipal Code prohibits discrimination in employment, contracting, housing, and public accommodations.

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Driving Laws Washington State

(5 days ago) Driving Laws. If you are in high school or will be soon, you are probably dreaming about the day you will get your driver's license. It might be just around the corner, or it might be a longer wait, but the day that you can get your license depends on several things.

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MIP Laws Washington State

(1 days ago) THE LAW. The Washington State MIP law states tha t anyone under the age of 21 in possession of alcohol, or any illegal drug, is breaking the law. An MIP charge can be given even if the person is not drinking or does not possess an illegal substance. Possession is defined as having alcohol anywhere around you. CONSEQUENCES.

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Federal laws and enforcement agencies Washington State

(Just Now) Federal law also has provisions specific to voters with disabilities and members of uniformed services. Information about how to file a complaint about voting issues is here . Public Accommodations: Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other places of public

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Car Repair Laws Washington State

(8 days ago) By law, it must contain a description of the work they did on your car. It also must have a list of all parts used. It must state if the parts were used, or if they were in a collision previously. It also will give the price for the parts and the company who made them. Lastly, the invoice will contain the charge for labor and the total cost for

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Licensing & Administrative Law Washington State

(1 days ago) Overview. The Licensing and Administrative Law Division (LAL) comprises 16 attorneys and 10 professional staff in Olympia and Seattle. LAL provides full legal services to the Employment Security Department, the Board of Accountancy, and the Department of Licensing including those regulatory and advisory boards that are under Licensing’s umbrella, i.e., the Boards of …

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Hunting Law Washington State

(Just Now) Hunting Law. Hunting in Washington State can be an adrenaline pumping sport; it brings friends and family together for some quality bonding time, and a chance to escape from daily life. All hunters in the state must have a current hunting license along with tags and permits for the species they plan to hunt.

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Eligibility Washington State

(4 days ago) The law does not cover problems caused by owner abuse or negligence, or any unauthorized modifications or alterations made to the vehicle. The law only covers defects which "substantially impair" the use, value, or safety of the motor vehicle (see What You Must Prove At The Hearing). The Following Vehicles are Not Covered by Lemon Law:

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Attorneys and Law Clerk Careers Washington State

(4 days ago) Applicants must be attending or have graduated from an ABA accredited law school or have completed the WSBA’s Rule 6 Law Clerk Program. The AGO seeks applicants who are committed to public service as demonstrated by an applicant's background, talents, attitude, and enthusiasm for public law practice.

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Office Information Washington State

(1 days ago) AGO Quick Facts The AGO serves roughly 200 state agencies, boards, commissions, colleges, and universities, as well as the Governor and Legislature. The Attorney General manages the largest public law office in the state with more than 1,300 employees, including more than 600 attorneys, and offices in 13 cities around the state: Bellingham, Everett, Kennewick, Olympia, …

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Tenant Rights Washington State

(6 days ago) Links Residential Landlord and Tenants Resources Landlord/Tenants Law Tenant Rights and Responsibilities By the time you are a senior in high school, you are ready to be on your own. The nagging from parents has almost become intolerable, and all you want is a place of your own – somewhere where you don’t have to answer to anybody. Some people think this is what life after

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Contracts Washington State

(2 days ago) Interlocal Agreements. Chapter 39.34 RCW, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, provides the authority for Washington State agencies to contract with other governmental entities. This law includes a requirement for either filing Interlocal agreements with county recording offices or alternatively listing by subject on the agency's web site.

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Cases Washington State

(8 days ago) The Administrative Law Judge, after a three day trial, found in favor of the WSHRC and ordered Haney Truck Line to pay the maximum amount allowed by statute for humiliation and mental suffering caused by the company’s arbitrary denial of the service animal. Haney Truck Line was also ordered to pay the employee’s out-of-pocket expenses and

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Fair Chance Act Washington State

(8 days ago) Use of Criminal Record Information in Job Hiring English - (PDF / 158kb) Español - (PDF / 162kb) In 2018, the Legislature passed the Washington Fair Chance Act, RCW chapter 49.94, to protect job applicants with a criminal record so they may fairly compete for job opportunities for which they are otherwise qualified. To that end, the law contains the following requirements: Job

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Selective Service Washington State

(Just Now) Links Selective Service System Summary of Federal Law Selective ServiceWhen you turn 18, there are many new responsibilities that you must deal with. One of these, if you are male, is the Selective Service. The Selective Service or draft is a process that started back in 1940 and has had few changes since that time. You should know how, when, and where you can register,

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Current Job Postings Washington State

(3 days ago) This Office proudly enjoys the reputation as a top-notch public law office. We are also committed to being an outstanding employer, investing in the success of our dedicated, talented staff by fostering teamwork, providing professional growth opportunities, and promoting a diverse and respectful workplace.

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Federal Law Washington State

(4 days ago) Federal Law. The federal CAN-SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003) was created by federal lawmakersto combat the onslaught of unsolicited commercial email commonly known as "spam." The CAN-SPAM Act preempts all state law that regulates commercial email except to the extent that state law

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Attorney General Ferguson secures criminal conviction for

(1 days ago) The law took effect in 2016. WATA makes it a felony or gross misdemeanor, depending on value, to sell, purchase, trade or distribute parts of specific endangered or vulnerable species of elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, lion, …

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LuLaRoe to pay $4.75 million to resolve AG Ferguson’s

(5 days ago) $4 million going to help Washingtonians deceived by LuLaRoe. SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that LuLaRoe will pay $4.75 million to resolve Ferguson’s consumer protection lawsuit asserting that LuLaRoe, a California-based multi-level marketing business that sells leggings and other apparel to a network of independent retailers, …

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Spam Washington State

(7 days ago) Spam can be divided into two categories — legal and illegal. A Washington law passed in 1998 and upheld by the state Supreme Court in 2001 makes it illegal to send unsolicited commercial email that has been addressed in a false or misleading way. This type of spam is especially troubling because it can cheat consumers out of their money, undermine consumer confidence …

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Past Cases Washington State

(3 days ago) More, Washington noted that state antitrust law does not necessarily mirror its federal analogs, and accordingly, DOJ's opinions on the application of federal law does not resolve plaintiffs' state law cause of action. The underlying class actions settled before the district court could opine on the merits of the parties' or the regulators

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Contractors Washington State

(4 days ago) The Attorney General is prohibited by law from acting as a private attorney on a complaint; however, we may choose to investigate or take action against businesses or individuals who have violated Washington State’s Consumer Protection Act. If you would like to file a complaint, please visit our complaint form.

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AG Ferguson files new lawsuit to stop far-reaching Postal

(7 days ago) As the state’s largest law firm, the Attorney General’s Office provides legal representation to every state agency, board, and commission in Washington. Additionally, the Office serves the people directly by enforcing consumer protection, civil rights, and environmental protection laws. The Office also prosecutes elder abuse, Medicaid fraud

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AG Ferguson files lawsuit against Washington companies for

(5 days ago) If the court rules that these companies violated the law, the Attorney General’s Office will seek maximum penalties of up to $2,000 per violation, as well as costs, fees and other relief. Ferguson also will seek restitution for affected Washington consumers, but the total amount of restitution the office will seek is still undetermined.

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(5 days ago) ADMINISTRATIVE LAW ‑- RULES AND REGULATIONS ‑- ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT ‑- STANDING OF GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY TO PETITION ANOTHER AGENCY FOR RULE‑MAKING PROCEEDINGSIn view of a recent decision by the Washington supreme court holding that a governmental agency is not a "person" within the meaning of the state …

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Public Records and Open Public Meetings Washington State

(2 days ago) Citizens can control their government only if they remain informed about the decisions their government officials are making. That important principle underlies Washington's open public records and meeting laws. "The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty." –James Madison The laws, which are now more than four decades old, are …

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AG Ferguson rejects insufficient opioid distributors

(8 days ago) As the state’s largest law firm, the Attorney General’s Office provides legal representation to every state agency, board, and commission in Washington. Additionally, the Office serves the people directly by enforcing consumer protection, civil rights, and environmental protection laws.

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Proposed Legislation Washington State

(3 days ago) Proposed Legislation Over the past two years, the concern to appropriately sentence repeat domestic violence offenders has been a focus of the Washington State Attorney General's Domestic Violence task force, and the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.1 Within the Attorney General's Domestic Violence task force, a sanctions work group for repeat …

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Motor Home Lemon Law Washington State

(3 days ago) What Is The Lemon Law? The Washington State Motor Vehicle “Lemon Law” was enacted to help new vehicle owners who have substantial continuing problems with warranty repairs. The law allows the owner to request an arbitration hearing through the Lemon Law Administration of Attorney General’s Office. An owner can request arbitration under Lemon Law at any time …

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(7 days ago) CHILDREN ‑- SCOPE OF CHILD ABUSE REPORTING LAW(1) The definition of "child abuse and neglect" contained in RCW 26.44.020 includes cases where the injury suffered is a mental as well as a physical injury and would also encompass cases of harm brought about by failure to provide adequate food, clothing or shelter.(2) The fact that Christian Science is specifically …

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AG Ferguson statement on “friend of the court” brief in

(2 days ago) SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson offers the following statement on joining a coalition of 24 attorneys general in filing an amicus, or “friend of the court,” brief asking the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas to put Texas’ law banning virtually all abortions on hold pending appeals: “Supreme Court precedent is clear -- access to an abortion …

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Before Requesting Arbitration Washington State

(7 days ago) Submit a complete Request For Arbitration with supporting documents to the Lemon Law Administration. Call or write the Attorney General’s Office for a Request For Arbitration form or download one from the Lemon Law web pages. Note: The Lemon Law does not allow a consumer to stop making loan or lease payments while pursuing a Lemon Law claim.

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Leasing Washington State

(Just Now) By law, the residual value, or the method for calculating the amount, must be disclosed before you sign a lease. This residual value for the option to purchase at the end of the lease may be less or more than the total of all the previous lease payments; the residual value may be more or less than the vehicle is worth.

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Privacy Notice Washington State

(7 days ago) However, this information is a public record once you provide it, and if it is not protected by an exemption from the Public Disclosure Law, RCW 42.17 or other state law it is may be subject to public inspection and copying. if not protected by federal or state law.

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Keep Washington Working Act FAQ for Law Enforcement

(Just Now) KWW is a law passed by the Washington State Legislature in 2019 that establishes “a statewide policy supporting Washington State’s economy and immigrants’ role in the workplace.”. In passing KWW, the Legislature determined that it is not state or local law enforcement’s primary purpose to enforce civil federal immigration law.

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(9 days ago) The present language of RCW 46.04.430 first appears in Washington law in § 1 (X), chapter 188, Laws of 1937. The prior statute § 2 (g), chapter 309, Laws of 1927, expressly excluded property owned by private persons. That statute was as follows: "(g) 'Public Highway.'

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Mandatory Sick Leave Washington State

(6 days ago) The new law specifies that an employer must permit an employee to carry over forty hours of unused paid sick leave. RCW 49.46.210(1)(j). The carryover statute does not differentiate between leave accrued at an hourly rate and front-loaded leave. Furthermore, the amount of leave carried over cannot be credited towards the amount the employer

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Law Enforcement Medal of Honor Washington State

(Just Now) Attention Law Enforcement Medal of Honor -- Peace Officers Memorial Combined Ceremony Recognizing members of Law Enforcement who have been killed in the line of duty or have distinguished themselves by exceptional meritorious conduct Friday, May 4, 2018 at 12:00 PM (noon) Law Enforcement Memorial Site on the State Capitol Campus in Olympia …

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Tacoma judge imposes penalties in AG Ferguson’s first

(6 days ago) The law allows employees or the Attorney General to file a lawsuit based on a denial of a reasonable accommodation or retaliation. In addition, the WLAD prohibits discrimination against employees based on their pregnancy status or sex and prohibits firing employees or reducing their work schedules because they are pregnant.

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(7 days ago) Chapter 39.12 RCW contains what is commonly referred to as the state prevailing wage law. The basic substantive requirement of that law is contained in RCW 39.12.020 as follows: "The hourly wages to be paid to laborers, workmen or mechanics, upon all public works and under all public building service maintenance contracts of the state or any

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Enforcement of Campaign Finance Laws Washington State

(6 days ago) The Commission may also refer apparent violations of the law to the Attorney General, which works in conjunction with the Commission. The Attorney General also has authority to investigate a person’s or organization’s activities when there is reason to believe there is a violation of the state’s campaign finance laws.

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Immigration Services Washington State

(3 days ago) State Law. Washington state law protects consumers from immigration-related fraud. The Immigration Services Fraud Prevention Act prohibits anyone from engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in an immigration matter, unless that person is a licensed attorney or is otherwise authorized to provide legal services under federal immigration law.

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