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6 Intriguingly Famous Court Cases that Captivated the

(4 days ago) 6 captivating court cases that had Americans glued to their screens. 1. O.J. Simpson. We’d be remiss if we started our list anywhere other than the case dubbed the “ trial of the century. ” We are referring to the mother of all courtroom media …


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25 Famously Interesting Lawsuits - eLawTalk.com

(2 days ago) Luckily, the case got dropped cause of how bizarre it was. 5. Allen Heckard v. Michael Jordan. There is no doubt in saying that this is one of the most outrageously crazy lawsuits that have been filed. Mr. Allen Heckard had the audacity to file a lawsuit against Michael Jordan because he looked like the famous


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Current and Recent Cases CIVIL Department of Justice

(4 days ago) The resolution – the largest recovery by the United States in a case concerning an opioid drug – includes the forfeiture of proceeds totaling $647 million, civil settlements with the federal government and the states totaling $700 million, and an administrative resolution with the …


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6 Class Action Lawsuits that Changed U.S. History - Ivey

(6 days ago) 5. Lois E. Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Co. Lois E. Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Co., filed in 1988, is notable for being the first sexual harassment class action lawsuit in U.S. history.The outcome of the case not only changed state and federal laws protecting workers but also set precedence for more class actions demanding an end to harassment and discrimination on the job.


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10 Famous Personal Injury Cases + Settlements San …

(5 days ago) These types of cases are governed by tort law. Personal injury cases are ruled upon on an almost daily basis. Let’s take a look at ten cases that are truly famous – if not infamous. 1. Suing the Weatherman. This case did not take place in this country, but it is one of the most famous examples of the lengths people would go to for compensation.


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10 High Profile Celebrity Lawsuits You Completely Forgot …

(8 days ago) While some of these are nasty, some are downright funny. In either case, lawsuits are an unavoidable pitfall of being rich and famous, as it seems from the following stories. What makes it worse, some such lawsuits lasted for years and involved monetary losses too. Let's look at a few of these cases: 10 Lindsay Lohan


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5 Stories Of People Who Sued Big Companies And Won

(1 days ago) Windsor filed a case in a district court with the goal of deeming DOMA unconstitutional. The suit was filed in 2009 and at the time, the government stance was that DOMA needed to be defended. When the case made it's way to the Supreme Court, the President and Attorney General announced they wouldn't endorse DOMA anymore.


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Biggest Celebrity Lawsuits Through the Years – SheKnows

(1 days ago) The lifestyles of the rich and famous can sometimes get sadly complicated, and the cost of living that high-profile lifestyle can be a steep one — especially when it leads to lawsuits.


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8 of the Most Controversial and Famous Supreme Court Cases

(6 days ago) This famous Supreme Court case found these “anti-miscegenation” laws to be unconstitutional. Roe v. Wade, 1973. Roe v. Wade might be one of the most famous and controversial U.S. Supreme Court cases in history, with its ruling permeating our U.S. politics to this day. Roe v.


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Celebrity Lawsuits New York Post

(2 days ago) celebrity lawsuits. Blac Chyna's landlord ordered to pay her $58K in reversed decision October 22, 2021 2:13pm. The former "Rob & Chyna" star secured a …


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5 legal cases against doctors that made headlines in 2019

(2 days ago) Husel also filed a lawsuit against Mount Carmel’s parent company Trinity Health in August for not covering his criminal defense costs, as it had in dozens of related civil cases.


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8 Hilarious But True Court Cases You Won’t Believe - Ivey

(2 days ago) An Israeli woman sued a TV station when the weatherman wrongly predicted a nice day. The woman ended up getting caught in the rain, causing her to catch the flu, miss a week of work, and purchase medication. She sued for $1,000, claiming that the incident caused her stress, and won the hilarious, but true court case. Image Source. 5.


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14 Biggest Lawsuit Settlements in History - RankRed

(2 days ago) But, soon it all changed. In 2001, the company faced one of the biggest lawsuits in the history of US. The company’s complex and erroneous balance sheets led its stock price fell from a whooping $90.75/share in 2000 from a mere $1 in 2001. This catastrophe led to a massive $40 billion lawsuit filed by its shareholders.


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What are the Ten Most Famous Lawsuits the United States

(7 days ago) With this in mind, let’s get into 10 of the most expensive and famous class action lawsuits the U.S. has ever seen. 1. The Master Tobacco Settlement. Settlement amount: $206 billion paid over 25 years. The Master Tobacco Settlement is undoubtedly one of the most costly civil lawsuit examples to be settled under U.S law.


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6 Famous 'Frivolous Lawsuit' Stories That Are Total B.S

(7 days ago) So if you still want to argue about it, you have to admit this case isn't the joke most people play it off as in email forwards and know-it-all water cooler lectures. Related: 5 Famous Frivolous Lawsuits That Didn't Actually Happen 5 Mother Sues School …


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What Are Some Famous Civil Cases? - Reference.com

(2 days ago) Griswold vs. Connecticut is a famous 1965 civil case that prohibited state legislatures from banning contraceptives, notes PBS. In 1954, Brown vs. Board of Education declared segregated schools to be unconstitutional. The 1966 Miranda vs. Arizona case prohibited police from questioning detainees without informing them of their legal rights.


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Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of All-Time

(4 days ago) Most Ridiculous Lawsuits. Marianne Bonner, CPCU, ARM, worked in the insurance industry for 30 years. Now she consults on and writes about commercial insurance. While frivolous lawsuits aren't uncommon in today's litigious environment, some stand out because they are so preposterous. Here are seven examples.


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25 Really Weird Lawsuits You Wouldn’t Believe Were Ever

(9 days ago) 25 Really Weird Lawsuits You Wouldn't Believe Were Ever Filed. Remember Stella Liebeck who was burned by a hot McDonald’s coffee and was awarded $2.9 million? For a …


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5 Landmark Court Cases in U.S. History

(5 days ago) Before the Civil War, a case came before the Supreme Court that questioned whether Congress had the right to abolish slavery in U.S. territories and whether Black people had the right to sue in federal court. The court ruled “no” in both cases, essentially legally making Black people property without civil rights and restricting Congress


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5 Large Companies Sued for Racism - ThoughtCo

(8 days ago) Updated February 28, 2021. Racial discrimination lawsuits against big-name companies such as Walmart Inc., Abercrombie & Fitch, and General Electric have focused national attention on the indignities that employees of color sometimes suffer on the job. Not only do such lawsuits point out common forms of discrimination that these workers face


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Civil Rights Cases National Archives

(2 days ago) Civil action case files, civil dockets, and civil case record books from U.S. District Courts throughout the Midwest include lawsuits from the 1930s onward involving alleged violations of civil rights. The selected cases listed below are indicative of research opportunities, but the list itself is not comprehensive.


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The 21 most famous Supreme Court decisions - USA TODAY

(3 days ago) The Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage instantly will enter the pantheon of landmark Supreme Court cases, and for good reason. It settles the major civil


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7 most ridiculous lawsuits: Nike, Susan Boyle, McDonald's

(Just Now) Better known as the “pants lawsuit”, was a civil case filed in 2005 by Roy L. Pearson, Jr., an administrative law judge in the District of Columbia in the United States.


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Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants - Wikipedia

(5 days ago) Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants, also known as the McDonald's coffee case and the hot coffee lawsuit, was a highly publicized 1994 product liability lawsuit in the United States against McDonald's.. Plaintiff Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old woman, suffered third-degree burns in her pelvic region when she accidentally spilled hot coffee in her lap after purchasing it from a McDonald's restaurant.


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Top Ten Most Famous Court Cases TheRichest

(3 days ago) Top Ten Most Famous Court Cases. The United States is a litigious society that revels on high profile and controversial court cases. Remember the O. J. Simpson double murder case in 1995, when the entire country seemed to have stoppe


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Civil Lawsuits: Recent News and Cases - Page 1 Newser

(4 days ago) (Newser) - Update: It's pay-up time for Brett Favre, unless he wants to face a civil lawsuit. That was the warning Tuesday from Mississippi State Auditor Shad White, who said in …


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Notable Cases - Tacopina Law

(1 days ago) NOTABLE CASES. As one of New York City’s top criminal defense and civil litigation firms, we are widely known for the remarkable achievements we deliver, and our ability to effectively manage situations that bring about immense public scrutiny. CRIMINAL LAW. CIVIL LITIGATION. CRIMINAL LAW.


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Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever Filed - Simplemost

(3 days ago) A class-action lawsuit was put together, and it took four years to finally settle, with a court eventually tossing it out in 2017 after the judge realized the attorneys behind the case were going


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What is a Civil Case? (with pictures) - My Law Questions

(5 days ago) Daniel Liden A civil case involves actions between private parties. A civil case is a legal case involving civil law or common law, which involves disputes between individuals or organizations in which some form of compensation may be awarded to the victim. Criminal law, on the other hand, involves cases in which the state is against an individual as the individual has broken the state's laws.


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List of court cases involving the American Civil Liberties

(4 days ago) The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been involved in the following legal cases, either by representing a party, or filing an amicus brief, or otherwise significantly involved. 1920s. 1925 Tennessee v. Scopes (Scopes Trial) - paid for John Scopes' defense; Gitlow v.


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10 High-Profile Defamation Lawsuits that the Plaintiff Won

(4 days ago) The lawsuit was filed early in 2010, but instead of retracting their articles, News of the World actually published a follow-up story, making up news as they went. After the courts ruled in the celebrity couple’s favor, News Corp. admitted that their stories were based on falsehood, and further agreed to pay an unrevealed amount of money in


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What are the most famous business lawsuits in history

(1 days ago) Some business lawsuits have become famous simply because of the ridiculousness of the claims. For example, a woman named Lauren Rosenberg sued Google for over $100,000 in 2009. She had followed the directions of Google Maps but when it led her onto a rural road where cars travelled at high speed, she carried on, trusting the map’s guidance.


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What Are Some Examples of Civil Law Cases?

(8 days ago) Common examples of civil cases include child custody, child support, contract violations, personal injury, property damage and divorce. A civil case settles a personal or business conflict when an individual or group feels wronged by a defendant or …


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Civil Rights Cases, Dockets and Filings in Pennsylvania

(1 days ago) JESTER v. LIBERTY COCA-COLA BEVERAGES LLC et al. Filed: October 13, 2021 as 2:2021cv04485. Plaintiff: SHAMIR JESTER. Defendant: LIBERTY COCA-COLA BEVERAGES LLC and SHAWN HAYNES. Cause Of Action: 28 U.S.C. § 1331. Court: Third Circuit › Pennsylvania › US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.


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10 Famous Murder Cases in Recent American History

(3 days ago) The 1947 Black Dahlia case remains one of the best-known unsolved murder cases in America. The victim, dubbed "The Black Dahlia" by the media, was a 22-year-old would-be actress named Elizabeth Short whose mutilated body (the corpse was cut in half) was found in a Los Angeles by a mother out for a walk with her young child.


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10 Most Famous and Important Civil Cases in India

(7 days ago) 10 Most Famous Civil Cases in India. Author - Associate Runa Jasia. Many Indian court judgments are remembered as historical events because of the popular cases in India.India is a developing country, and it is essential to make necessary changes according to the needs of the people, and our judiciary system plays an important role in this to bring some important changes by some …


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Civil Rights: U.S. Supreme Court Decisions - FindLaw

(3 days ago) From race and gender discrimination to sexual orientation discrimination and struggles over disability rights, civil rights cases are a very significant area of law that the U.S. Supreme Court has encountered on many occasions. Below is a list of U.S. Supreme Court decisions involving civil rights and discrimination.


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Famous Copyright Cases Copyright Infringement Examples

(1 days ago) In some cases, a lawsuit is wrapped up quickly, but there are several famous copyright cases where infringements led to legal action. Some of the biggest copyright infringement cases have been between some of the most well-known companies …


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Civil Cases and Settlements Enforcement US EPA

(Just Now) Currently available civil cases are listed below. Each case has a brief description and a link to detailed information about the case. You can list the cases by statute and date, or use a single keyword to search the case description. For each list, you can also sort by the column headings.


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