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Guide to Law Online: Cyprus Law Library of Congress

(3 days ago) This Guide to Law Online Cyprus contains a selection of Cypriot legal, juridical, and governmental sources accessible through the Internet. Links provide access to primary documents, legal commentary, and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics.

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(1 days ago) Laws regarding foreigners in Cyprus; Legislation of Shipping Deputy Ministry; Related Websites: [L.15(I)2000] - Information about the Statistics Law No. 15(I) of 2000; The Department of IT Services is not responsible for content on external webpages.

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Cyprus Lawyers

(5 days ago) Cyprus Lawyers in Limassol. Michael Chambers & Co. LLC is a full service law firm with Cyprus Lawyers offering a wide spectrum of expertise in an impressive variety of legal disciplines.

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Cyprus Law, Nicolaou & Associates L.L.C. Law Office

(2 days ago) Our Law Firm A. NICOLAOU & ASSOCIATES L.L.C is one of the most modern and innovative law firms in Cyprus, located in Larnaca. We are a leading business and litigation firm. We do interesting and challenging work for a diverse client base, including businesses, financial institutions and many more.

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Does Cyprus law allow wills to be signed electronically

(9 days ago) Under Section 9 of Law 55 (1)2018, even if the electronic signature does not meet the criteria for a qualified signature, it can be admissible in legal proceedings in Cyprus. However, the courts have the discretion to accept or reject a signature as admissible on a case-by-case basis. Use of electronic signatures on wills

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Cyprus Bar Association

(9 days ago) The Cyprus Bar Association is the professional body for over 2700 advocates’ members. Cyprus Bar Association was established under the Advocate’s Law Cap.2 in 1960 and it has been operating since then.

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About – DP Law Dionysiou & Partners LLC

(Just Now) DP Law Cyprus is a business law firm in Cyprus located in the country’s capital city, Nicosia. We offer varied services of Cyprus law under the umbrella of corporate and commercial law for our international clientele who benefit from the advantages of Cyprus’ tax …

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A Will in Cyprus

(Just Now) The Law in Cyprus about wills. Cyprus has adopted the Forced Heirship regime, whereas the testators do not have the total freedom to distribute their estate as they wish, but rather, they are subjected to several restrictions. The aim of this regime is to protect the rights of close relatives by ensuring that they inherit a part of the estate.

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Lawyers in Cyprus Larnaca Law Firm Y. Vasiliou & Co LLC

(5 days ago) Y. Vasiliou & Co LLC (Vasiliou Law), a Cyprus bar member, is a law firm in Larnaca.Vasiliou Law is one of the fastest-growing law firms with expert lawyers in Cyprus, providing legal services with extensive and expanding clientele, ranging from private individuals and international clients to global organizations.

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Cyprus Law Firm Immigration Lawyers Lawyers in Cyprus

(4 days ago) Cyprus law firm is renowned for reliable lawyers and teamwork with a efficient and concrete results in immigration, tax, corporate law and commercial law.

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Law of Cyprus

(3 days ago) The law of Cyprus (Greek: Κυπριακό Δίκαιο) is a legal system which applies within the Republic of Cyprus. Although Cypriot law is extensively codified, it is still heavily based on English common law in the sense that the fundamental principle of precedent applies.

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Elena Myrianthous Law Firm: Cyprus Lawyers, Advocates

(7 days ago) Myrianthous Law Firm is a leading boutique law firm located in Cyprus, with offices in the cities of Nicosia and Limassol. Founded in 2009, Myrianthous is today renowned as one of the most reputable firms in the country, specialising in the areas of Family Law, Immigration Law, International Corporate and General Commercial Law, including Mergers, Acquisitions and Civil Law, Personal Injuries

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Cyprus Lawyers and Law Firms

(3 days ago) Eleni Vrahimi & Co. is a family law and general litigation firm located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Formed in 1962, it is one of the oldest law firms of Cyprus and offers a variety of services for local and international clients. Practice areas consist of family law such as divorce, child

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Real Estate 2021 Laws and Regulations Cyprus ICLG

(1 days ago) The underlying principle of Cyprus Land Law is that every interest or right over or affecting immovable property is registered and can be traced in the Registries of the Department of Lands and Surveys kept in the District Lands Offices.

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Cyprus Lawyers Cyprus Law Firm Patrikios Pavlou

(3 days ago) Patrikios Pavlou & Associates LLC is a leading Cyprus law firm, renowned for its top-tiered and multi-awarded professional legal services and Cyprus lawyers. The firm is located in Limassol, one of the most attractive and rapidly developing cities in Europe. It is driven by the increasing demand for legal services and its persistent commitment

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Cyprus Law Immigration

(5 days ago) Cyprus has aligned its immigration law and regulations with the EU's acquis communautaire on matters such as entry and stay of third country nationals for self- …

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History and Nature of the Cyprus Legal System / The

(9 days ago) The Ottoman immovable Property Law, the Law on Succession , the Press Law, mines etc were all applicable to Cyprus until 1878 when Cyprus was ceded by Turkey to Great Britain be virtue of a Convention of Defensive Alliance between Great Britain and Turkey of the 4th of June 1878.

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Home North Cyprus Law Clinic

(7 days ago) About US North Cyprus Law Clinic is an educational institution based in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C). We provide a wide range of services including legal consultation and legal training programs to private individuals, companies, organizations, institutions, and law students.

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Cyprus Law Firms Conventus Law

(6 days ago) Conventus Law is an online legal media platform with a Asia Pacific focus helping and making life easier for the legal community doing business in Asia. At Conventus Law, we are passionate about two things. We want to help businesses investing in Asia turn legal challenges into businesses advantages and we want to make it easier for leading law firms to raise their profiles to the business and

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Data Protection 2020 Laws and Regulations Cyprus ICLG

(5 days ago) ICLG - Data Protection Laws and Regulations - Cyprus covers common issues including relevant legislation and competent authorities, territorial scope, key principles, individual rights, registration formalities, appointment of a data protection officer and of processors - in 39 jurisdictions. Published: 06/07/2020 Hot off the press 07/06/2021

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Epsilaw: Cyprus Law Online

(4 days ago) Epsilaw is digital legal know-how tool which gives instant practical insight on any given Cyprus law matter, harnessed from the knowledge, skills and experiences of expert practitioners, making its users exceptionally faster and effective in addressing any such matter for their clients or business. Watch our introduction video.

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Cyprus Family Law

(1 days ago) Family Law in Cyprus consists of legal principles that define relationships, rights and duties within family units such as those created by marriage. Marriage in Cyprus is a legal agreement, apart from religious marriage, that comprises by certain rights and obligations usually regardless of what both spouses agree to do.

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Hasan Alkan North Cyprus Law Firm

(7 days ago) A newly established law firm of highly experienced lawyers providing quality legal services to both foreign and domestic clients. The Firm especially gives advices to foreign clients about any possible investments can be made in the Northern Cyprus and bridges over its clients about any necessary transactions in the local or international banks.

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Cyprus Legal System

(7 days ago) Cyprus Legal System. Cyprus is a common law jurisdiction. Cypriot law is reliant on precedent extracted from the English common law for stability and finality. The Republic of Cyprus is a democracy with a presidential system of government. The President is elected for 5 years directly by the people in a secret ballot with universal suffrage.

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Private client law in Cyprus: overview Practical Law

(8 days ago) Type of trust and taxation. Trusts are a well-established concept in Cyprus. The Trustee Law of 1955 (Cap 193), which mirrors the UK's Trustee Act 1925, is the basic law dealing with the trust relationship. The International Trusts Law of 1992 is based on the Trustee Law 1955 and governs international trusts.

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Cyprus Review

(6 days ago) Law, for books published in 2019, as well as the recipient of the annual Lifetime Achievement Award. Call for Papers - Minority Groups in Cyprus: A Critical Reappraisal (Upcoming Special Section) There is a general scarcity of social science research, both quantitative and qualitative, about minorities in Cyprus.

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Rights of Beneficiaries in Cyprus Trusts

(6 days ago) Cyprus trusts are inherently flexible, limited only by the “irreducible core” which protects against the Trustee having an uncontrollable power of disposition and maintains the true nature of the trust; that the beneficiaries are, in equity and when they wish so, in law, the owners of the trust assets.

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School of Law

(5 days ago) Law students learn a specialized vocabulary and a distinctive way of thinking; they also learn how to communicate their knowledge to real people with real problems. The School prepares graduates for various career paths including sitting bar examinations in Cyprus or Greece, continuing studies at the LLM or PhD level, or using the law degree

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Cyprus Trusts

(3 days ago) The main legal framework governing local trusts in Cyprus is a combination of English Law and Statute Law namely the Trustees Law of Cyprus (Cap 193), which is modelled on the English Trustee Act of 1925. 1. the Settlor i.e. creator of the trust; 2. the Trustee i.e. the person (company or individual(s)) to whom the property is

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Alexandros Economou LLC. Law firm. Cyprus

(8 days ago) Alexandros Economou LLC is a reputable law firm in Cyprus providing specialised legal services of outstanding quality. The firm focuses primarily on corporate, commercial, banking and finance, M&A and EU & Competition Law. Our success is based on the efficiency and dedication of our staff who form a strong and reliable team committed to clients

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Shipping Regulations and Guidance > Reference > Flag State

(3 days ago) Cyprus Tonnage Tax System (Law 44(I)/2010): Calculation of the Global Share for the Owners of Foreign Ships, Charterers and Ship Managers – applied for the fiscal year 2019. 07/01/19. Link. 18/2018. Cyprus Tonnage Tax System (Law 44(I)/2010): Flags which appear on the Grey List and Black List of the Paris MOU for the Fiscal Year 2018. 05/12

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Cyprus: Gambling And Betting Laws In Cyprus

(9 days ago) The Law does not make any reference in regards to whether a licensed person in Cyprus can provide online betting services to people residing outside the territory of Cyprus. Therefore, a Cyprus company can provide such services in any country besides Cyprus subject to the legislative framework in place in the country of residence of the

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The validity of electronic signatures under Cyprus Law

(7 days ago) OVERVIEW – The validity of electronic signatures under Cyprus Law – Covid19. It is widely expected that COVID-19 epidemic will cause unprecedented disruption to the global economy and inevitably eventually reshape the way we conduct business. It has become evident that whilst the disruption in certain industries is widespread and chaotic

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Cyprus Law Property Law

(7 days ago) Property Law . Foreign investment in immovable property . The location of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, its reliable and transparent legal system, combined with its membership of the EU, the excellent infrastructure coupled with reliable communication with all parts of the world, the relatively low cost of living, excellent

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Law Firm Nicosia, Cyprus

(1 days ago) International Law Firm in Nicosia, Cyprus – World-class Lawyers. As it is so often highlighted, Nicosia is the world’s last physically divided city, after Turkey entered and occupied not only parts of the city itself, but of the 37% of Cyprus in 1974, in its northern part.

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Family Law in Cyprus — Eleni Vrahimi & Co, Law Firm

(4 days ago) Cyprus law provides that the woman that gives birth to the child is the mother of the child unless the child was born in a surrogacy arrangement whereby special provisions apply. In child is born while the mother is married or within 302 days from the dissolution or annulment of the marriage, then the father of the child is deemed to be the

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UCLan Cyprus Law Blog

(9 days ago) UCLan Cyprus Law Blog | UCLan Cyprus School of Law Annual Writing Competition 2020/21. The Covid-19 pandemic has entered into our lives in the most unpredictable way. As of February 2021, almost a year after the first cases of the virus were recorded in the Republic of Cyprus (‘Cyprus’), there have been more than 34,000 cases and more than

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Intellectual Property Law Cyprus P.ANGELIDES & CO LLC

(3 days ago) The Law and the Rules are based on the British Law and have been in force in Cyprus since the colonial days, before the declaration of the Cyprus Republic in 1960. Trademark Registration Procedure. An application must be filed with the Cyprus Patent Office providing the following details: • Name and/or depiction of the mark.

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Public Offers and Insider Dealing Publicity Guidelines

(4 days ago) The law regulates the conditions for drawing up, approval and distribution as well as the context of the prospectus to be published when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading in the local Exchange market and every other regulated market outside Cyprus, provided that the home member state is the Republic of Cyprus.

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